Castle Heidelberg above the Neckar river
Heidelberger Schloss German Castles Road Baden-Wurttemberg South Germany
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Picture 2 Castle Heidelberg above the Neckar river
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Castle Heidelberg above Heidelberg
For five-hundred years in the Heidelberger Schloss resided the ***Pfalzish*** electors of the family Wittelsbacher: Ruprecht I in 1386 founded the University of Heidelberg. Ruprecht II was elected king in 1400. Ottoheinrich introduced the Reformation which caused a dispute over the centuries. This dispute climaxed under Friedreich V, the misfortunate 'Winterkönig' or winter king. 
In the 30-Year War, the city and palace were for the first time destroyed. Friedreich's son, Karl-Ludwig, rebuilt both.
After a further attack of French troops, the palace fell again in rubble and ashes. The elector, Karl-Theodor, who resided in Schwetzingen, and to whom the Heidelbergers owe thanks for the 'Alte Brücke' (old bridge) and the 'Karlstor' (Karl's gateway), tried in vain to make the palace once again inhabitable.
In the end, the French baron, Charles de Graimberg, saved the palace ruins from total destruction. He asserted the old walls no longer served as a quarry. The Heidelberger Palace became the symbol for the Romantic era. The Kings courtroom, in spite of it's gothic interior, dates from the year 1934.
The castle is open the whole year round. 
from Eastern to 31th Oct.: 10am to 7pm(last visit)
from 1st Nov to Easten: 11am to 5pm(last visit)
Guided English tour last 60 min

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