Castle Eltz above the Mosel river between Eifel and Hunsruck mountains
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Picture 2 Castle Heidelberg above the Neckar river
Picture 3 Castle Eltz above the Mosel river
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Picture 6 Gasthaus Stahl is a real gem of a place, in that wonderful, scenic location
Picture 7 The old brick arch wine cellar of the winery Stahl
Picture 8 Castle Rheinstein above the Rhineriver

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Burg Eltz
Eltz Castle is one of the most beautiful and best preserved castles in Germany. It lies in a romantic setting surrounded by an unspoiled landscape, inviting and majestic at the same time - like a fairy-tale castle come to life. You will find history cast in stone and you will feel yourself immersed in the spirit of a past revived - a fascinating view of the different ages of Western (Occidental) culture is waiting for you.
Eltz castle has remained in the possession of the same family for over 800 years. The present owner of the castle, Dr. Karl Graf von und zu Eltz, known as Faust von Stromberg , lives in Eltville/Rhine. The family has had its main German residence there since the beginning of the 19th century. 
Öffnungszeiten/Opening times
1st April - 1st November, daily from 9am to 6pm


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